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City Gent 228 (April/May 2021) U.K. postage JUST £2.60 inc. UK postage

City Gent Fanzine Front Cover Issue 228

As the 2020/21 "behind closed doors" season nears its conclusion, the latest issue of The City Gent covers Bradford City's chances of making an unlikely late bid for a place in the end of season playoffs. Also, in this issue we pay a special tribute to author and City Gent contributor Paul Firth who has sadly died on 08/04/21. Another Bradford City stalwart, Frank Dickinson, father of former editor Mick also died recently, and Mick has written a lovely tribute to his late father. Mick also sent in a "Gimmer Gibber" and Simon Ashberry pokes a bit of gentle fun at BBC Radio Leeds commentator Jamie Raynor and his sidekick summariser Andy Kiwomya. There are plenty more interesting articles in this new issue and as we are still not allowed to attend matches, copies can only be purchased here. 
Mike Harrison - Editior
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City Gent 227 (February 2021) U.K. postage JUST £2.60 inc. UK postage

City Gent Fanzine Front Cover Issue 227

The mood of the City Gent contributors has improved for this issue as the club has been on an eight game unbeaten run and has probably just had the best ever January transfer window. Spirits are high and optimism is back in the hope that the new signings will enable the Bantams to rise up the League Two table. CG227 contains articles that reflect the current mood plus a couple of reflective pieces and some of the usual columns you would expect to see in The City Gent.
Mike Harrison - Editior
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City Gent 226 (December 2020) U.K. postage JUST £2.60 inc. UK postage

City Gent Fanzine Front Cover Issue 226
CG226 was 95% finished when Stuart McCall was sacked on Sunday 13th December. I had to scrap what I had previously written for my editorial and start all over again. A luxury not afforded to the rest of the articles that are contained within this issue which reflect the thoughts of the contributors at the time of writing. Trying to have this issue printed before Christmas threw up different problems than what I faced in February 2018 and 2020, so for better or worse, CG226 is as you will see it if you order a copy. It contains balance articles both for Stuart to stay and for him to leave. That decision has now been taken and we will aim to cover what happens next in the Bradford City managerial merry-go-round in the coming weeks when we produce CG227 (due out in February). Till then, I hope that you order and enjoy reading CG226.
Mike Harrison - Editior

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City Gent 225 (October 2020) U.K. postage JUST £2.60 inc. UK postage

The City Gent Fanzine Issue 225

Now that the 2020/21 season is well underway, we’ll just about anyway, it is time to bring out the first issue of The City Gent for the new season. CG225 contains the usual Counsel & Criticism column by John Watmough and Grumpy Old Fan by John Armitage. Also included is Gabriel Ramsey’s look at the new players, Simon Ashberry’s BielsaBub Ghost Story and his take on Ian Holloway’s interview regarding the Grimsby postponement. Plus there many other interesting articles which reflect the strange times we are currently living whilst being unable to attend football games.

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City Gent 224 (June 2020) U.K. postage JUST £2.60 inc. UK postage 

The City Gent Fanzine Issue 224
City Gent issue 224 was produced in June 2020, three months after the cancellation of the of the 2019/20 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. With everyone not knowing when life will return to normal and my thinking was that by the time the 2020/21 season will have started, that the end of the previoyus season will be 'old' news. At City Gent I feel that it is important that we document what life was like following Bradford City and the end to the 2019/20 season needed recording. So, CG224 was produced and it is available to order now. CG224 is in full colour which is a format rarely used by us, but early indications are showing that it has been well received.

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City Gent 223 (February/March 2020) U.K. postage JUST £2 inc. UK postage

The City Gent Fanzine Issue 223
The current climate of uncertainty means that no football is now due to be played any earlier than 30th April. This means The City Gent has no opportunities to sell copies of the latest issue in person for at least 6 weeks. In order to encourage people to buy the so far unsold copies of CG223, I have now reduced the price of this issue to £2 including postage. Yes this means we are selling copies at a loss, but I'd sooner people read the fanzine rather than they sit unsold at City Gent Towers.

Many more businesses are suffering much more than The City Gent at the moment, but I hope this small gesture is appreciated and thanks in advance for supporting The City Gent.

Do also consider taking out a subscription and as a special offer, you will receive 6 issues instead of the usual 5.
Mike Harrison

Editor - The City Gent - 19/03/20

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